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Technical OSINT training



Technological developments in the field of IT are going very fast. Although this provides enormous opportunities for the OSINT analyst (private researchers and governments), it also provides enormous opportunities for (criminal) hackers. One of the ways to stay ahead of criminals is to look at your own organization and work through the eyes of an attacker. What kind of things do they pay attention to? How do they infiltrate a network? How do they stay under the radar (digital footprints)?


During this training, the Cyber Kill Chain explains which steps a hacker goes through to penetrate your organization. Then we look at how we can best protect your organization or digital research. We do this according to the 'Defense in the Depth' method, in which we pay attention to physical, technical and administrative measures and their applicability.


As soon as you know how hackers think and what technical options there are to protect your organization or research, we will look at how you can conduct your research digitally with as few digital traces as possible.


“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear”

Learning objectives

• Awareness of (cyber) threats and techniques.


• Applying Threat Modeling and the CIA Triangle.


• Correct use of operational security measures within business operations and research.


• The OPSEC process.


• Knowledge and the use of measures and technology (hard- and software) for maximum OPSEC.


• Various demonstrations and practical examples.