After successfully completing the ‘Open Source Intelligence Analyst Module 1’, you can participate in our ‘OSINT Analyst Advanced’ group program. The learning material will be taught in greater detail during three days of lessons. Under the supervision of our lecturers, who teach these lessons in the Netherlands and abroad, you will be taught the latest developments in the field of Open Source and Social Media Intelligence (OSINT & SOCMINT) in a very intensive manner. The method of instruction during this program will alternate between theory and practical assignments at a pleasant rate.

This entire program was developed in cooperation with former students (Intelligence Analysts) who apply the various OSINT techniques in their daily work activities. OSINT tools, techniques and software, which will already be familiar to you, are optimally analyzed and used during this 3-day training program. Your OSINT knowledge will therefore be at an exceptionally high level after completing this program.

In addition to broadening the skills already learned, the program will also instruct you in the analysis of photographic and video images. You will learn how to trace photos and videos on the Internet in order to subsequently interpret them. As part of a group, you will be taught how to determine where and when the photos and videos were created.

The operational side of the world-famous ‘OSINT MALTEGO’ program will also be extensively discussed during this program. This software program can be used to gather, analyze and link online information. Maltego is an absolute must for every OSINT analyst. Of course the Boolean operators (Google Operators) are indispensable in this training. Students learn to understand and create the most complex formulas in order to search deep into the Internet or ‘Darknet’.

Private, in-company or group lessons?

This study program is normally taught in classes. Nevertheless, given your work, we can imagine that you would like to ask questions freely. In such cases, private lessons might be better for you. You will then receive all the attention from the lecturer and the learning material will be completely tailored to your individual needs. Moreover, you will participate in the training program when it is convenient for you! In addition, it is also possible to organize this training program at your company location for 5 or more participants.


Certification & Recognition

Our educational institution is registered with the CRKBO and is recognized by the International Association for Intelligence Education. Your unique diploma will therefore bear both a name and a number. This will allow external organizations to verify the results and certification obtained by you at our organization – with your permission, naturally.

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