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Foundations of Intelligence Analysis Training (FIAT)

Omdat deze opleiding in het Engels verzorgd wordt door internationale instructeurs, wordt de informatie in het Engels weergegeven.


The FIAT is a five-day introduction to the basics of law enforcement intelligence analysis. As the name indicates, the FIAT Program aims to provide a foundation, a basic knowledge and understanding, of the elements of the law enforcement analysis profession. It was designed to be an entry-level curriculum.




  • History of Intelligence
  • Legal Issues/Ethics
  • Sources of Information
  • Creative/Critical Thinking
  • Logic
  • Inference Development
  • Competing Hypotheses
  • Crime Pattern Analysis
  • Association Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Communication Analysis
  • Products of Analysis


The FIAT course is intended for civilian and sworn law enforcement, as well as regulatory personnel who have not received formal, basic, intelligence analysis training or those who require a refresher.


Evaluations are completed after each FIAT and cover the course modules and each instructor. The goal is continual improvement of the product.


The content of the FIAT course is designed by the experienced analysts, professionals in the field from various agencies around the world. This make this course unique. 


The FIAT curriculum is guided by IALEIA’s Analytic Standards document and is in line with the US Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. It meets the training standards requirements set out in the US National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan (NCISP).


Certified FIAT instructors are available in the US, Canada and Europe, to provide your agency or organization with quality training. They are all experienced, working professional analysts in the field, who have been certified as instructors by IALEIA and the LEIU.


The FIAT meets the Criteria for basic level certification with IALEIA.


FIAT is a cooperative venture of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) and the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU)