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Digiprotect your children


Do you have the impression that your son or daughter is being bullied, threatened, intimidated or has contact with undesirable people? Is he or she afraid to tell you or are they already in the "power" of dark ones?


You are one of the many parents who struggle with this problem. As the only organization in the Netherlands, we regularly organize workshops in which we show parents how they can digitally 'protect' and 'check' their children in a professional and responsible manner.

For this, our Academy has developed a unique protocol called 'DigiProtect™' which stands for Digital Protection. Digital bullying, threats, intimidation or (sexual) blackmail takes place in almost all cases via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And you don't have access to those personal accounts of your son or daughter, so that malicious people can go about their business undisturbed.


Unfortunately, the often serious consequences are increasingly reflected in the media. During an intensive workshop, our team of qualified teachers will teach you how you can 'follow' your son or daughter, of course in a discreet manner, on the digital highway and, if desired, also intervene to prevent escalation.

They will teach you how to track 'negative' messages, emails or publications related to your son or daughter and how to discover and eliminate unwanted photos. Of course they pay a lot of attention to identifying and locating the stalker, bully, threatener or blackmailer. Of course, just like you, we respect the privacy of your son or daughter.


Checking social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is therefore not done via the account of your loved ones, but via so-called (OSINT) internet tools. These Tools are, among others, used by investigation and intelligence services. You will be told which digital information you can retrieve via the Internet without having access to a protected account. During the workshop, but also afterwards, our teachers are ready to protect your family!


Together we 'Digiprotect' your family….