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The criminal force of social media


This lecture already caused shocking reactions abroad! During a lecture of about one and a half hours, our teacher OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) takes you into a world that is normally hidden. He shows you how easy it is to get highly confidential information over the internet. He does not use complicated technical methods for this. He uses simple, free and online available tools, software, browsers and wizards. This lecture makes you aware of your internet behavior and the possibilities of Open Source Intelligence.



Reactions participants

“The content was very captivating. Complex, but it was explained very well. I was impressed and certainly because certain things were explained, that made me aware of internet behaviour. Awareness, that is also the aim of such a lecture. I can say it made me even more aware”


“Very interesting and topical, also fits in well with my (completed) study.”


“Interesting and disconcerting!”


“Nice substantive story, clear message. Parts fit together well. Breathtaking!"


“Social media can certainly cause victims if we are not aware of the dangers it poses. This lecture has opened my eyes”