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Virtual Intelligence Simulation (VISIM)


Would you like to learn to work even better with your (operational) team(s)? Or do you want to practice periodically to keep your OSINT/SOCMINT knowledge up to date? Would you like to prepare for a specific investigation, a special assignment or for (inter)national deployment? 


Virtual Intelligence Simulation (ViSim) from IACA can support you with this. Through various online virtual, realistic scenarios, your teams can train themselves from anywhere in the world in, for example:


  • detecting, analyzing and visualizing digital information;
  • online monitoring of individuals, groups or organizations;
  • force protection;
  • local/cultural awareness;
  • Human Intelligence.


IACA Virtual Intelligence Simulation takes you through our secure virtual space in an agreed upon scenario. In this way, ViSim fits in perfectly with your daily or future work. You can of course continue to communicate with your team members during the different scenarios. If desired, we can even put you in touch with witnesses, informants, locals or partisans during the operational scenario. Nothing is impossible. 


All our scenarios take place live, of course. Depending on the scenario you choose, you and your team will visit different locations on the world wide web: from various social media sources to protected (mail) servers to websites on the dark web. Depending on the classification of your scenario, we can completely shield the online visibility for external parties through our own databases. All scenarios are led by our moderators from a specially equipped location. 


Our instructors have been screened and have entered into a confidentiality agreement with various government departments. Creating a specific non-disclosure agreement for the benefit of your organization or service is of course no problem.


Would you like to participate in a simulation or request a private exercise for your organization? Please contact us.


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