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Custom made and private trainings


Your organization, department or unit has a unique specialization. In order to be able to carry out your work properly, you must have access to the correct digital information; local, national or international. High demands are placed on you and your colleagues. Why not set special requirements for your training? In practice, good quality training can make the difference between success and failure. Or worse!  
IACA has been providing vocational training programs for almost 10 years that perfectly matches your needs. When developing your tailor-made training, your training question is always central to us. In recent years, our teachers have trained employees of almost every Dutch organization involved in the collection of digital intelligence but also employees of foreign intelligence services and law enforcement agencies. (e.g. US Criminal Intelligence Units). In addition, our training institute supports various organizations with their operational digital issues through regulated channels. 
A tailor-made training from IACA is based on (parts of) an existing module or is developed exclusively for your organization.
When can you opt for a tailor-made course?
  • If there is a new department or specialization to be set up;
  • If new employees need to be retrained quickly and effectively;
  • If there is a task expansion or professionalization within your organization.


IACA tailor-made courses:
  • OSINT: Open Source Intelligence 
  • SOCMINT: Social Media Intelligence 
  • Cyber-HUMINT: Internet Infiltration & Digital Surveillance 
  • IACA ViSIM®: Virtual Intelligence Simulation 
  • T-OSINT: Technical Open Source Intelligence
  • PFDAV®: Predictive Forensic Data Analytics & Visualisation
IACA has developed unique tailor-made courses for special parts of the Dutch government, US government, United Nations and (inter)national financial organizations. Such collaborations currently go as far as requiring new employees to follow the IACA training before they are allowed to work. 
For tailor-made courses, IACA uses a minimum of twelve participants. Depending on your specific wishes, we can of course make an exception to this. It is also possible to create a special confidentiality agreement or to undergo additional screening for the benefit of your organization or service. 
Would you like to know more about the possibilities of an exclusive tailor-made or private training? Please feel free to contact us. contact us. 


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