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Retraining programs



Do you currently have a job (still) but are you planning to perform work in the field of (digital) investigation, public order, international security or tactical investigation? Then we will put together a personal training plan together with you. We are currently already doing this for employees of, among others:


  • The Royal Dutch Army
  • The Royal Dutch Military Police
  • Police & Judicial Institutions
  • The Dutch Offshore sector
  • International Government Services

There are several conceivable reasons why people would want to retrain or get additional training. Examples of this could be:


  • Your current position will be terminated due to reaching a certain age.
  • Your current position will cease to exist.
  • You want to gain additional knowledge for a future job within your own organization.
  • Surely your current position is not what you would like to do for the rest of your life.
  • Your current (or future position) requires additional or specific knowledge.


Compiling a personal training plan is of course without obligation and includes the following steps:


Phase 1

First of all, together with you, we look at the reason for the additional training or retraining. For example, if your current position will cease to exist, we will have to look at your personal interests and your current earnings. If you are looking for additional knowledge for a possible job change within your current organization, we will look together with you at the knowledge required for that position.


Phase 2

After we have made clear the reason for your retraining or additional training, we will look together at the various options we can offer you. You must of course have a good idea of the different fields of expertise. We inform you extensively about the entire sector and provide you with very detailed information about the sub-areas: investigation, security, investigation or public order.


Phase 3

If you have made a choice for a specific field, we will inform you about the latest developments in that field. We assume that you want to follow an education or training course for which there is sufficient demand.


Phase 4

After we have provided you with all the desired information, we will put together your individual training plan. This plan includes all information that you will need to submit to your training counselor or employer for approval. Your training counselor or employer can of course contact our training coordinator directly at any time.

The total turnaround time for compiling a personal training plan is 4 working days in almost all cases.


Basic diploma or specific additional training?

Almost all professions within the Dutch security & investigation industry require a basic diploma. For example, a private investigator must have the recognized diploma Private Investigator, a general security officer must have the recognized diploma Security Officer Level 2 and an extraordinary investigating officer can only start work if he has the Basic diploma BOA. Naturally, our Academy provides all the necessary basic training within the industry. Together with you, we first determine which basic diplomas are necessary. This of course depends on your interests and the field of study you choose. We then look at which additional education and training you may need.


Check out some examples of our successful personal training plans below:


Example 1

For example, if you want to become a Private Digital Investigator, you must not only have the basic diploma Private Investigator, but of course also have professional training in the field of digital investigations. However, if you want to work as a digital detective within the (semi) government, in almost all cases you must also have the recognized basic diploma for Special Investigation Officer. Together with you, we determine which courses or training courses are suitable for you.


Example 2

A personal security guard in the Netherlands must have the Security Guard Level 2 diploma, supplemented with the Personal Security certificate. However, if you want to perform security work on a seagoing vessel or in a so-called high-risk area, you must have additional international diplomas and documents. Together with you, we determine which courses or training courses are necessary in that case.


Example 3

You aspire to a position within a private observation team or as a forensic financial investigator. In those cases, the basic diploma Private Investigator must be supplemented with very specific training. Of course we provide such training for you. If you would like to perform these activities as a special investigating officer, the basic BOA diploma must be supplemented with specific training at a higher level.


Vocational Education

We provide training courses at both Post Secondary and Higher educationl. The level depends on the field you choose.


A training path within your budget

In most cases, your employer will bear part of the costs of your training. In some cases, such as within the Ministry of Defence, a separate budget has been set aside for this that you have built up over the years. When your position ceases to exist, money is often made available to provide you with additional training or retraining. In all cases and regardless of your budget, we will draw up a personal training plan together with you and we will look at the field in which you have the most opportunities.


Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about our complete training programs or training plans? Feel free to make an appointment with our training coordinator, without any obligation:

+31 (0)161 712 002

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