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Request STAP budget

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Great news!

Apply now for a course at the International Anti Crime Academy and receive your STAP registration certificate and then request your STAP budget of max €1000,- from UWV.

Step-by-step plan request STAP budget

Step 1: Search on our website for a training you would like to follow


Step 2: Apply via our digital registration form and indicate that you wish to use STAP at point 22


Step 3: You will receive the STAP registration certificate from us by email within 24 hours (also check your SPAM folder)


Step 4: Request your STAP budget with your DigiD via the STAP portal of the UWV.


Go to the STAP portal of UWV with your proof of registration to apply for your subsidy. The UWV grants the training budget if you meet the conditions below. The budget is paid directly to us. If the training costs exceed € 1000,- you will receive an invoice from us for the remainder of the amount.


A new budget becomes available every two months. The budget is limited, so act fast!

Conditions for eligibility for the STAP budget

  • You have not used the STAP subsidy for this year
  • You are at least 18 years old or not yet retired
  • You work as an employee, are an entrepreneur or do not have a job
  • Your training starts within 3 months after the end of the period in which you applied for the STAP subsidy
  • At the time of the application you will not receive a student grant, teacher grant or allowance for school costs for adults

Request the STAP budget at the right time

When you want to apply for the STAP budget, it is important that you take the start date of your study into account. The following rules apply for this:


  • Your training may not start until 4 weeks after you have applied for the STAP budget.
  • Make sure that you start your training no later than 3 months after the period in which you requested your budget has ended.
  • Please note: your application must be approved before you start. UWV needs a maximum of 4 weeks to approve your application.

In which period can you apply for the STAP budget?

  • Tijdvak 02 januari 2023: startdatum opleiding februari, maart of april ’23