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Practical Diploma Private Investigator

Recognition and certification

In 2021, the International Anti Crime Academy offered the course Module 1Module 2 , Module 3 and Module 4 of the training Practical Diploma Private Investigator for assessment to the Center for Post Initial Education (CPION). This organization is the official point of contact for educational institutions that wish to register their post-graduate courses as official registered courses. The CPION is the quality monitor for (e.g.) the Dutch Post Secondary Vocational Education Foundation (SPMBO). Only programs that meet strict quality criteria qualify for the predicate 'registered training program' and are also included in the Dutch Training Database.


A condition for registration by the SPMBO is that the teaching material offered, in this case the Practical Diploma Private Investigator, in the professional opinion of the Advisory Committee affiliated with the institute, in terms of level, depth, topicality and relevance to the labor market, meets the expectations that may be set with regard to post-bachelor-training. When assessing a registered training, matters such as content, duration, number of teaching hours, study load, practical assignments and exam assignments are tested and monitored by this Advisory Committee.


The procedure mentioned above has resulted in the International Anti Crime Academy being allowed to issue a registered and recognized diploma for the training:


Practical Diploma Private Investigator.


In order to continue to guarantee the quality and relevance of these courses to the labor market, the International Anti Crime Academy has also set up an external Advisory Committee. This committee consists of members who actively perform work in the following sectors:


  • Sector Investigation (government)
  • Sector Intelligence (government)
  • Sector Civil investigation and supervision


The Advisory Committee supervises and advises on the connection of the training Practical Diploma Private Investigator to the workplace in the aforementioned sectors.


What are the benefits of this registration for you?


If you have successfully completed the training Practical Diploma Private Investigator  you will receive the official post-secondary diploma Practical Diploma Private Investigator and you will also be included in the Abituriëntenregister.


  • (Future) employers can verify your diploma in the Abituriëntenregister.
  • The register offers you the possibility to request a new diploma that has been lost.


This learning path will be eligible for the STAP budget


  • NIVRE awards 12 PE points to the Register Experts after completing this training (with the exception of the register expert Case Investigator).