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OSINT, crucial for investigation and safety


OSINT, crucial for investigation and safety

What is OSINT? OSINT stands for Open Source Intelligence and encompasses the method of collecting information and intelligence from public sources. This does not always have to be in the form of written text. Also (digital) photos, videos and audio fragments, if they are analyzed and processed in the correct manner, can contain crucial information that can be used for effectively combating criminal activities, such as fraud, maintaining public order or ensuring international safety and security.


It is not without reason that many OSINT vacancies are currently open at government services, but also at large private organizations. Given the valuable information that can be gathered through OSINT, it is expected that these OSINT vacancies will increase even more. With a highly regarded OSINT diploma from IACA you will be well prepared.


In our current media landscape, information is available everywhere. Today, almost all information can be found on the World Wide Web. Newspapers are being digitized and television programs can also be viewed via this digital medium. But court decisions, reports of hearings or the financial backgrounds of individuals and companies can now easily be found by OSINT.


Research shows that most people mainly use the Internet to communicate with each other. For example, more than 9 million Dutch people currently use Facebook. Of course investigative authorities, private fraud fighters and intelligence services make good use of the, in some cases, confidential information that is consciously or unconsciously published on social media accounts. This way of intelligence gathering is also referred to as SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence).


Gathering public information requires OSINT training

However, gathering digital information is not as easy as people often think. The OSINT Analyst must have excellent analytical skills and must also be able to estimate the collected information on a correct value. In order to effectively collect detailed and confidential information, the OSINT Analyst must, in addition to his or her skills, have the right equipment, ingenious OSINT tools and up-to-date software such as Shodan, Maltego or Creepy.


Professionalization with regard to gathering public information requires specific, technical and recognized vocational training. A training that not only connects to the daily work of the OSINT Analyst, but that also provides him or her with the most current OSINT techniques, OSINT tools and OSINT software in the field of Open Source Intelligence after completing the OSINT training.


International Anti Crime Academy offers four recognized SPEN and Post-HBO training programs in the field of OSINT and HUMINT.


The training-programs consists of OSINT Module 1, OSINT Module 2 and OSINT Module 3. In addition, IACA offers an unique training in Internet infiltration through its accredited Cyber HUMINT – Module 4.


Check here all our OSINT | Cyber HUMINT training programs and individual modules.


In addition to its open OSINT training courses, IACA also offers complete maatwerk OSINT opleidingen  in private form for various organizations, fully tailored to the needs.


The courses are supported by the world's largest digital OSINT database OSIDATA.