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The Unknown Heroes Foundation (Stichting Onbekende Helden) is an organization that originated from the business world as a practical expression of appreciation for our veterans, who have worked for global peace, for security and for national freedom. A veteran is a (former) soldier who has served under war conditions or who has been deployed abroad for one or more peacekeeping operations. That soldier may have served with any division of the armed forces and may have been deployed both in a detachment and individually.


With the foundation we not only want to offer veterans practical support from the business community, we also want to create more support (or more understanding) among the Dutch population for our veterans. In countries such as America and England, appreciation for veterans is something that society as a whole has to deal with on a daily basis. Would you like to know more about the Unknown Heroes Foundation? Click here


How does the International Anti Crime Academy support the Unknown Heroes Foundation and the Veterans Institute?


From February 11, 2016 you will find the 'Unknown Heroes' logo on one of our pages. If you register as a veteran on an individual basis for the course on which the 'Unknown Heroes' logo is visible, you will receive a discount of 5%. The discount is therefore only valid for that training where the 'Unknown Heroes' logo is visible. The logo will periodically appear on different pages.