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Practical Diploma Private Investigator



Our institute has been providing the theoretical training for Private Investigators for more than 10 years. During this training, students are trained in accordance with the exam requirements of the SVPB. However, we noticed a great need for practical knowledge after students graduate and internships are very hard to find. This now means that private investigators must mainly acquire their knowledge in practice by means of trial and error.


The aim of the Post-MBO Private Investigator training program is to expand the practical knowledge and skills required for practicing the Private Investigator profession.


This modular training consists of the following four practical modules, which can be followed in any order:



More substantive information about the modules can be found by clicking on the link of the relevant module.


This combined learning path will be eligible for the STAP budget

For whom is this training developed?

This Post-MBO training was initially developed for students with a diploma Private Investigator or Special Investigation Officer, but employees of municipalities, insurers, banks or other researchers who can benefit from the training can also participate.


This training is experienced by our students as very applicable and practical. All the more so because the theory is alternated during the lessons with the practical practice of the taught material. The learned methodology can therefore be applied in the daily practice of the student directly.


Certification and Recognition


This training is a recognized registered training that has been audited and accredited by the Center for Post Initial Education (CPION) and the Netherlands Post Secondary Vocational Education Foundation (SPMBO). Our training institute is therefore the only civil organization in Europe that can and may issue this registered diploma. After you have completed this training you will receive the registered Post-MBO (secondary education) diploma:


  • Practical Diploma Private Investigator


Click here for more information about the recognition of the diploma.


  • NIVRE awards 12 PE points to the Register Experts after completing this training (with the exception of the register expert Case Investigator).
  • This modular training consists of 4 practical modules and a total of 12 teaching days.

  • To participate in this training, you must have attended one of the following courses:


    • Private Investigator (ECABO)
    • Special Investigations Officer (BOA-NL)
    • Private Investigator (BE)


    If you do not have this pre-education, we will ask for your motivation to participate in this course.

  • Module 1: Interrogation-, interview technique and body language € 995,-


    Module 2: Surveillance techniques € 995,-


    Module 3: Digital Research € 1595,-


    Module 4: Hypothesis and scenario thinking € 995,- 


    The modules can be followed in any order. 


    The total training costs for this Post-MBO training are € 3995,-.  

    (A discount of €585,- will be deducted when registering for the last module.) 

  • The start dates are stated with the individual modules. 

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