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Forensic Data Analysis (FDA)


Forensic Data Analysis
Forensic Data Analysis (FDA) encompasses the process by which criminal and/or terrorist information can be mapped. Forensic Data Analysis is the research technique that enables people to identify or predict (hidden) connections, patterns and activities. 
We offer various FDA training programs at different levels. These courses are supported by specially developed forensic software. The powerful, very fast software enables the user to create unique visualizations in 2D, 3D or Virtual Reality. 
Scientific studies have shown that creating a visualization allows the analyst to better interpret the analyzed results. This enables him or her to conduct faster and more targeted (digital) research or to make well-founded decisions. 
In addition to teaching the various analytical methodologies and skills during the lessons, ample attention is paid to the practical analysis with regard to:
  • detecting and predicting (financial) criminal behaviour
  • mapping criminal or terrorist organizations
  • tracing international properties and legal entities
  • mapping social media activities and connections
Depending on the training and level, the training is provided by Dutch or American teachers. 
Private courses 
FDA trainings will only be provided on a private basis at our discreet location. 
  • You do not need any specific pre-education or background to participate in this training.


    However, you should be able to perform the most important basic operations on the computer.


    Knowledge of OSINT is a plus.

  • This depends on the needs of the organization.


    Contact one of our training coordinators for a tailor-made proposal.

    • On request
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