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Cyber Due Diligence Analyst


With the advent of the internet, the number of corporate identity fraud cases and the number of economic crimes have increased significantly. This is related to the fact that a company, person or international organization can assume any capacity by means of the internet. A track record, official documents and references can often be easily adapted or copied. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, more and more international transactions are taking place. The risk of becoming a victim of a rogue, and in some cases even a non-existent, entity increases alarmingly.


As a Due Diligence Analyst you are the designated person within your organization to identify and eliminate any (international) rogue activities at an early stage. You are able to conduct preventive and repressive investigations into international companies and (criminal) organizations both individually and as a team, so that the risk of financial disasters can be reduced to a minimum.

For whom is this training developed?

This training has been specially compiled for anyone who is responsible for gathering very detailed background information about (international) companies and organizations and their trading activities, (former) directors, financial resources and their integrity. Virtually all students who took part in this training were therefore employed by banking institutions, insurers, trust offices or investment and payment companies.


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