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Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator (IACA-4)



Because the personal information in social media sources is more and more protected by the user, it is becoming an increasing challenge to collect and monitor the correct digital information via these sources. As a result, OSINT is no longer sufficient as a source of information. Also, more and more social media platforms are focusing on the (full) use of mobile platforms and the associated increasing group of young users. Just think of Snapchat, KIK,  TikTok, Instagram or Tinder! 


The answer to these developments? Cyber HUMINT!


The Cyber-HUMINT Strategic Operator (Virtual Agent) training can be divided into the following operational components:


Component 1: Creating an online covert alter ego

You will learn, within the rules and legal frameworks,  how you can collect digital information about people and organizations without being noticed. This sounds simple, but in practice, creating and maintaining online covert social media accounts (Sock Puppets) and stable 'digital circle of friends' often turns out to be more difficult than expected. Moreover, this training is not only limited to the various social media sources, but focuses on a total online 'alias'. 


Component 2: Compiling digital analytics

In addition to preparing, creating and implementing the aforementioned 'covert' social media accounts and a digital 'alter ego', much attention is paid during this training to the compilation of a professional, digital text-, profile-, and group analysis. You will learn to 'read' and 'understand' people, so that you can better adapt to the online situation. With such analyses, an online infiltration becomes clear and successful.


Component 3: Protection of your own identity and digital information

Because the most current tools and techniques in the field of online, digital infiltration are taught, it is easier for you to recognize and unmask a clandestine fake account that tries to collect private-, business-, or organizational information. 


This unique training program is also followed by US Criminal Intelligence Units. (references on request)


This intensive training focuses on progressive, special investigation techniques. In the context of Information-driven action and investigation, you naturally want to have access to all possible available digital information. Only then you can make a sound and substantiated decision. Prior to this module you will have access to the additional Cyber-HUMINT module in OSIDATA. 


This is the ultimate training in the field of Data Driven Investigation. You can participate in this training if you need the relevant skills in the context of your (future) work.  


Overview components Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator | IACA DIGOS Module 4


Part 19: Digital Text Analysis

Part 20: Cyber Human Intelligence

Part 21: Predictive Forensic Data Analytics & Visualisation®

Part 22: Digital Profile and Group Analysis

Part 23: Creating Social Media Infiltration Accounts

Part 23: Protection and awareness of your own identity and digital information


During this training, the participants use exclusive procedures developed by IACA and registered software. As a result, this training can only be followed at IACA.


This combined learning path will be eligible for the STAP budget

Course format: open, private or customized

Normally, this training is taught in a classroom setting. Nevertheless, we can imagine that, given your work, you would like to ask questions freely. In that case it is possible to provide a private training at our location for a minimum of twelve participants. We also provide, as you are used to from us, completely customized training courses based on (parts of) this module. We are happy to make you a suitable offer.


Our instructors have been screened and have entered into a confidentiality agreement with various government departments. Creating a specific non-disclosure agreement for the benefit of your organization or service is of course no problem.


Certification and Recognition

Our training institute has been audited by and registered with the CRKBO (Central Register of Short Vocational Education). 


This IGO training is a recognized registered training that has been audited and accredited by the Center for Post Initial Education (CPION) and by the Netherlands Post Higher Professional Education Foundation (SPHBO). Our training institute is the only civil organization in Europe that can and may issue this registered diploma. After you have completed this module you will receive the registered SPEN diploma:


  • Registered Cyber HUMINT Strategic Operator®


Click here to read more about the diploma and recognition of this training program.

This training is also part of the recognized training program Digital Data-driven Operational Specialist®If you already have the 'Registered Open Source Intelligence Expert®' diploma, you will receive this post-graduate diploma after successfully completing this course:


  • Digital Data-driven Operational Specialist®


Click here to read more about the diploma and recognition of this training program.


Successive modules


View the Flow Chart of the IACA OSINT / DIGOS / Cyber HUMINT courses:





This module is part of the training programs 'DIGOS/OSINT Analyst (SPEN), DIGOS/OSINT Expert (post-bachelor) and OSINT/DIGOS/CYBER HUMINT (post-bachelor)



  • NIVRE has awarded 6 awarded 6 PE points for each module (1-4) of our DIGOS/OSINT learning path. After you have completed all three modules, you are entitled to 24 PE points.
  • Holland Quaestor has awarded 104 PE points for this training.
  • This training consists of four training days.

  • You do not need any specific previous education to participate in this training. We do expect that you have at least an OSINT knowledge level, comparable to Module 1.


    You can participate in this training if you need the relevant skills in the context of your (future) work. 

  • € 1995,- per participant.

    (Includes lunch, one exam and post-bachelor-diploma)


    If you follow this training separately without the previous modules, an additional cost of € 250.00 will be charged for the extra payment to the SPEN and for the use of OSIDATA®.

    • Start date: 20 February 2023
      • Training days 20, 21, 22 and 23 February
      • Only 3 seats available


    It is only possible to physically participate in this training.


    The open courses are standard provided in Dutch, unless (English) is indicated.

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