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Special Investigations Officer (BOA-NL)



What is a BOA?

A special investigations officer (BOA) is a sworn officer who is authorized to investigate a specific group of criminal offenses and violations. Some examples of special investigations officers are municipal enforcers, compulsory education officers, game keepers, environmental officers, conductors, immigration officers or social investigators. The BOA plays an increasingly important role in our current society. This role is therefore sometimes described as 'the profession of the future'.


What does a BOA do and what are its authorizations?

There are approximately 30,000 BOAs in the Netherlands. They are spread over 1,100 different authorities. BOAs must be able to act against violence during their work. Therefore some BOAs have police authorizations. They may search or use means of violence, such as a baton, pepper spray or a firearm. Most BOAs have handcuffs with them. You don't become a BOA just like that. In addition to following BOA basic training, some functions also require additional training. Our teachers are happy to tell you more about this during a personal meeting.


Our approach

This official BOA training includes the so-called compulsory subjects, such as legal knowledge. We believe that at the same time there should be room for things such as aggression control and approach technique. Therefore we have included these aspects into our intensive BOA training program so that theory and practice complement each other perfectly during the training. The BOA training is provided by a very experienced teacher, who can prepare you excellently for the exam.


Duration of the training

During 8 training days you will follow the classical basic training at our training center in Gilze-Rijen. Between the classroom lessons you will receive various home study assignments that will prepare you for the first exam: Legal knowledge.


Drawing up the combi ticket and the practical element 'interview and approach technique' are part of the BOA training and therefore do not have to be followed separately.


No specific pre-education is required for this training. However, a good command of the Dutch language is necessary.

Teaching materials | Exam

During the first lesson you will receive all necessary teaching materials, including a ticket book. You will also receive home study assignments from your teacher. You can complete these at your own pace and return them digitally. Your personal teacher will check your homework and provide you with feedback and advice. This unique combination of classroom lessons and a (limited) home study has proven to be extremely successful in practice, as a result of which the vast majority of our students pass the national exam the first time.


The exam

The exam consists of two exam parts:


  • The theory part Legal knowledge (This exam contains 50 multiple choice questions and is administered by CITO.)


  • The practical part of Conversation and approach technique. (This exam is administered by the Examination Institute for Supervision and Enforcement.)


After passing the exam, you will receive the certificate of 'special investigations officer' (Buitengewoon Opsporingsambtenaar) recognized by the Ministry of Justice and Security. This certificate is valid for another 5 years after being sworn in as a BOA.


  • Deze opleiding bestaat uit 8 klassikale lesdagen.

  • You do not need any specific pre-education or background to participate in this training. 

  • € 1295,- per participant.

    (Includes lunch and study materials, excludes exam costs) Please note, the exams are always taken in the Dutch language.

    • Start date: 26 October 2022 (working days)
      • Training days 26 October, 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30 November, 07 and 14 December
      • Only 5 seats available


    It is only possible to physically participate in this training. However, in consultation it is also possible to follow the theoretical lessons virtually.


    The open courses are standard provided in Dutch, unless (English) is indicated.

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